Arianne’s Favourite Hike 2015

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As we all know, Vancouver is cited by several articles as one of the top cities to live in. We are surrounded by large bodies of water, mountains, trails, a forest full of trees and fresh air. How many cities can you go into and decide if you want to snowboarding, hiking, canoeing or beach whaling and only be a short drive away to access any of that.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to take the opportunity to hike the wonderful trails offered here in BC. Our province offers several hikes that ranges from beginner to advance.  After spending a lot of my summer hiking many trails, I came across a hike that everyone should hike at least once in their life. It gets your heart rate going but not too advanced and TOTALLY worth the view.

The whole trail up was mostly an uphill flat path.  It had a beautiful smell of nature to the trees, to the dirt, and to the sounds of water hitting rocks. It was so mentally relaxing that the time flies. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top and all you see is this magnificent mountain with a body of blue green glacier water.

Which hike am I talking about? 

Where: Whistler
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 18km (roundtrip)
Elevation Gain: 820 meters
Season: July – October
Dog Friendly: No
Approx.: 90 minutes from Vancouver

Things to Bring: towel, bathing suit, water bottle, lunch, baby wipes or hand sanitizer

I would personally suggest doing a smaller hike first (at least 10km) if you haven’t hiked before to build your endurance a bit as it is a steady uphill climb to the top. If you pace yourself well enough, you should be able to complete the hike in 6 hours with a 1 hour break at the top.  I would suggest going earlier in the day to avoid traffic both ways.  Also, you might want to go bathroom before the hike as there is only one out house at the bottom and one out house at the top.

A good class we offer at Dyerfitness to help you prep for this would either be our evening classes from Monday to Friday at 6pm or our infamous Circuit Crusher on Saturdays at 9am.

Do you have any questions about the hike? Feel free to contact me for more details at