The hottest gifts for your fitness friends!

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Gift-giving season is almost upon us. That means that the stresses that comes with Christmas shopping is also looming. This winter, look at the positive and try and take advantage of the opportunity to get handy and lovely gifts for your fitness fanatic friends.

Here are some ideas:

Smart running gloves

Running and workout gloves excel in achieving their original purpose. They help alleviate the discomfort that iron can have on the palms and they also work well in drying sweat. However, for those who enjoy their runs and workouts with some background music, gloves, at least the full finger ones, tend to be a nuisance when utilizing today’s host of touchscreen gadgets. One gift this season that will truly aid with that (minor) problem are touchscreen friendly running gloves.

Smart gloves aren’t just tech friendly, too. They’re often designed for maximum comfort and peak performance, featuring stretch fabrics and no-slip grips. Plus, they also tend to be adorned with strips that maximize visibility.
Check out Zensah Smart Running Gloves as an example.



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Yoga mat carrier

What better way to celebrate the ever-trendy features of yoga this coming holiday season than gifting even trendier yoga mat tote bags? For all the “rid yourself of your stresses and inhibitions” talk that comes with yoga, it sure becomes a nuisance when you find yourself walking around with that handle-less mat that tends to be more awkward to carry than comfortable. This coming Christmas, check out yoga-friendly tote bags that’ll surely excite your yogi friends, or yourself. They’re (mostly) quite affordable too.



Check out:


Avant-garde water bottles

Because sometimes, a simple water bottle is just not enough.

Water bottles are no longer just used to carry water. Nowadays, we have bottles that are marketed for their insulation capacities, their blender ball wires, rubberized grips, and even their cooperation with charities across the world.

Despite all that, water bottles make great gifts.


Prices vary depending on the brand and its capacities but here are some solid options:

Sports bottle smoothie marker

Remember all of those times you promised yourself that you were going to wake up bright and early to make a healthy shake before starting your day? But you never got to it because, well, it’s just too much work. Well here’s a smoothie maker that blends right into your sports bottle. Yep, it’s just that easy.


In the end, it’s important to note that during the gift-giving season, the gift itself is just secondary. It’s the thought that truly matters. Enjoy the winter and don’t fall into overlooking your workout and diet regimens!

A little gift for you from Dyerfitness

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Happy Holidays,

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