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Living Beyond

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What does the phrase “living beyond” mean to you? Just take a moment to gather your thoughts before reading further.

Living Beyond was established by Lucy Born. It’s a place where she shares her journey through self-development and self-awareness. It’s also a place where she shares tools and ideas to help people live a life of greatness. Lucy started Living Beyond last year and in a span of just a few months, she’s challenged and pushed the meaning of life to a whole other level. We’ve had the honor of hearing her share some of her experiences and challenges through her journey.

What pushed you to begin your journey of self?
I knew I wanted more, but didn’t know if it was possible. I wanted to interact with the world as my best self. I had the breakthrough when I left on exchange to Europe for seven months. I took this time as a retreat for self-awareness and development, and less of school learning. The time I spend doing that, has led me on a path that has changed my life.

What motivated you to bring your journey online?
On this trip through Europe, I went through such a transformation of myself and in my life. I wanted to share some of the tools and my journey to help people along their own journey. Living Beyond was created to help people have the tools, self-awareness, goals and revelations to live lives of greatness and believe they can be their best selves. To live vulnerable, courageous and authentic lives.

What is one of your fears of sharing your stories?
Who I could hurt, who I could lose, what people will think. We all have those voices in our heads that tell us who do we think we are, what right do we have or that we aren’t good enough. Sharing my thoughts online leaves me vulnerable to the world, but I know that by doing it, I’m letting my self and my creativity shine through.

What advice can you give to someone overcoming their fears?
Fear is there for a reason in our lives, it can keep us alive, stop us from going over a cliff or getting attacked. But in our everyday lives fear tries to make things certain, it tries to stop the unknown from happening and it pretty much tries to keep anything interesting from happening. The trick is to acknowledge the fear and what it is trying to do, then to not let it have any say or action over what you are trying to do. Just keep moving forward. Remember that when fear comes up, it’s a sign that you are trying something new, being creative, embarking on something exciting or having an opportunity for growth and learning.

Do you feel having an external support system is important?
It’s incredibly important, I think everyone has heard ‘you are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with’. Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging, and supportive dreamers and achievers will skyrocket your life forward and leave you shinning.

Which 3 habits would you recommend to someone who is new to living a greater life?
Have a morning routine and evening routine – set aside time in the morning and night to reflect on how you’re feeling, how your day was, what you have to be grateful for. Use it to get grounded with your values and what you would like to achieve.

Exercise daily and get out into nature – movement helps free our mind, body and soul. It will help you be so much more productive in everything that you do.

Set goals – get into the habit of setting weekly and monthly goals for all areas of your life. Make sure they are inline with your values and vision. This will help propel you forward and help you create the life you want.

If you could recommend any book to anyone, which book would it be?
There are so many great ones it’s hard to choose. I love all of Brené Brown’s books – The Gifts of Imperfection, I Thought It Was Just Me, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong. They help us know our selves, learn the vocabulary to express ourselves, foster healthy relationships, and create a world of connection and compassion.

Check out her website for more details!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livingbeyond.ca/
Instagram: @lucykborn
Twitter: @lucyborn
Pinterest: @lucyborn

Training in the summer heat

Training in the Summer Heat

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve skipped out on bulking season and procrastinated going to the gym, this is for you. And if you Vancouverites couldn’t cram gym sessions into your busy schedule, you better keep reading this article.

Summer is here. You can feel it as the hot air hits your face when you leave the house. The time to bulk up, cut, and start a new diet has passed. You’re probably thinking, “I should’ve gone to the gym so I could get that beach body!” or “Why didn’t I start eating healthier?” We have made a no nonsense mini-guide on how to kick-start your summer workout. We’ve gathered key exercises and tips and mashed it up in a single post for you to train in the hottest season of the year. Here we go.


Squat and Jump – This squat variation is a simple and effective exercise to warmup and train the legs and glutes for explosive movement. Simply jump and finish in the lowered squat position. Repeat as desired.

Pushup – Get up and pushup. You’re increasing your functional strength and working all the important muscles in the body. Also, you’re improving your posture, preventing shoulder injury, and working on your cardio for the cost of nothing but your sheer will.

Plank – It’s mind-blowing to know how many muscles are engaged holding a plank position. It is one of the best exercises you can do for a flat, toned stomach because it is activating all the muscles in your core body. Start holding the plank for one minute, and if you’re game for a challenge, set the timer to three minutes and feel the burn.

Pull-up – Don’t be confused with the chin-up. If you want to develop your back and biceps to the max, this is the exercise to do. Don’t be an amateur by trying to do one big set and doing it to failure, do them in at least three sets. When you grab the bar, start by hanging all the way down. Once your chin is above the bar, finish strong and go all the way down. Don’t forget to focus on isolating your back.

Leg Press, Lunges – As a friend, I advise you not to skip your leg day. If you want to build those strong and sexy legs, we recommend a variation of squats such as the split squat and goblet squat so you target your butt and quads as well.

Split Your Sets – Why have just a chest day when you can incorporate biceps or back into your exercises? You can burn more calories doing split sets and minimize your rest time.

Dumbbell Bench Press – The staple chest exercise to build that bold chest for the beach. Use the dumbbells to activate more muscles and balance out the weaker side of your body.

Barbell Bicep Curl – Bring out your guns to the beach with the barbell curl. Many people do perform this exercise incorrectly at the gym. Make sure your elbows are the only joint that is moving in order to effectively isolate the biceps. When it comes to your range of motion, observe how the force pushing down the bar decreases as you curl the bar to your chest. If you want to make every rep count, stop the upward motion around 45 and 90 degrees as soon as you feel the force decreasing.

Triceps Dip – I know you want big biceps, but you must balance out your arms by working the triceps as well. Whether you are doing this exercise on the bench or machine, make sure your starting position is solid with your arms straight and nearly locked and you drop your elbows to 90 degrees before you push back up for another rep.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises – If you’re going sleeveless, tone all the areas of your shoulders with one set in front, 45 degree, and side.

5 Tips to Survive Training in the Heat

Dri-Fit Wear – Essential clothes to absorb sweat and stay cool during your workout.

Cold Showers – According to a German study, a pre-exercise cooldown can boost your training performance. You can begin your workout with increased blood flow and energy to get you into workout mode. If you’re feeling hot, sleepy and tired, your time in the gym may not be too effective.

Change up the training environment – You do not have to suffer in the summer. Switch up the cardio training by cycling in the wind, swimming, or running on the forest-covered trails and the beach.

Decrease Pace – We all know it is hard to push yourself in the hot weather. If you need to bring down your intensity or break up the exercise into intervals, then do so. You know your body better than anyone. 

HYDRATE – This is paramount and will reflect your performance training in the summer. Water will be the solution for stomach cramps, headaches and dizziness during training. Bring a water bottle with you when you’re running outdoors and take a few sips when you can.

You have read all our tips, now throw away all your regrets and start training. DyerFitness can help you in that area too. Check the class schedule!

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Why personal training

Why Personal Training? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This time, we’ve decided to put a spin on our blog posts and create a fun infographic on why a personal trainer can be so beneficial to achieving your personal health goals.

So read on!
Why personal training Why personal training Why personal training

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