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Dyer Approved Christmas Dishes

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Tis the season to spend quality time with friends, family, and loved ones – and there aren’t many better ways of celebrating the holidays with a grand feast. Several feasts, as a matter of fact.

The holidays bring about joyous gatherings around the table, where cuisines from all cultures get to showcase some of their traditional holiday specialties at multiple jovial dinner parties. However, the simple fact that there are multiple dinners to attend this season can be a possible obstacle to our goals of staying fit amidst the inevitable winter lull. This doesn’t mean that the parties should be avoided. It’s the season to have fun, and keeping up a healthy diet shouldn’t get in the way.

Here are some healthy and exciting dishes you can bring to one of your upcoming holiday potlucks:

Slow Cooked Provencal Beef Stew

Slow cooking is ideal for potlucks. Dishes such as this can be well prepared a day or two in advance and you can even either cook them at your host’s place (granted you arrive early) or cook hours before and just hold it in the oven for heating. This dish offers a nice mix of vegetables, flavours, and a tasty helping of beef chunks (makes sure to pick out nicely marbled ones).

Full recipe at: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/slow_cooked_provencal_beef_stew.html

Slow-Roasted Turkey with Cream Gravy

Turkey is one of the staples of Christmas for western cuisines. Again, this dish allows the opportunity to prepare the bird days before your dinner – a helpful factor during a busy season. What makes this turkey recipe stand out is its gravy feature that’s thickened by use of cornstarch – yes, it’s gluten-free!

Full recipe at: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/slow-roasted-turkey

Christmas Punch
This easy-to-make punch not only resonates with traditional Christmas colours, it also has that citrusy flavour that’s always welcomed during a holiday dinner party. It’s relatively easy and quick to put together as it only requires a few quarts of cranberry juice, lemonade and pineapple juice. Feel free to add in some bourbon or vodka for a bit of kick.

Full recipe at: http://www.food.com/recipe/christmas-punch-24845

There are numerous healthy alternatives to holiday dishes. There are a ton of recipes that follow the guidelines of a gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free or vegetarian diet – and they add that holiday feel to the dish as well. Ultimately, the most important note to remember during this season is to have a great time. Don’t let your restrictions overshadow the event. Keep it low-key. If you must, then watch your portions. Just remember, enjoy your time!

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The hottest gifts for your fitness friends!

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Gift-giving season is almost upon us. That means that the stresses that comes with Christmas shopping is also looming. This winter, look at the positive and try and take advantage of the opportunity to get handy and lovely gifts for your fitness fanatic friends.

Here are some ideas:

Smart running gloves

Running and workout gloves excel in achieving their original purpose. They help alleviate the discomfort that iron can have on the palms and they also work well in drying sweat. However, for those who enjoy their runs and workouts with some background music, gloves, at least the full finger ones, tend to be a nuisance when utilizing today’s host of touchscreen gadgets. One gift this season that will truly aid with that (minor) problem are touchscreen friendly running gloves.

Smart gloves aren’t just tech friendly, too. They’re often designed for maximum comfort and peak performance, featuring stretch fabrics and no-slip grips. Plus, they also tend to be adorned with strips that maximize visibility.
Check out Zensah Smart Running Gloves as an example.



Available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DSZ78PE/?tag=buzz0f-20

Yoga mat carrier

What better way to celebrate the ever-trendy features of yoga this coming holiday season than gifting even trendier yoga mat tote bags? For all the “rid yourself of your stresses and inhibitions” talk that comes with yoga, it sure becomes a nuisance when you find yourself walking around with that handle-less mat that tends to be more awkward to carry than comfortable. This coming Christmas, check out yoga-friendly tote bags that’ll surely excite your yogi friends, or yourself. They’re (mostly) quite affordable too.



Check out:




Avant-garde water bottles

Because sometimes, a simple water bottle is just not enough.

Water bottles are no longer just used to carry water. Nowadays, we have bottles that are marketed for their insulation capacities, their blender ball wires, rubberized grips, and even their cooperation with charities across the world.

Despite all that, water bottles make great gifts.


Prices vary depending on the brand and its capacities but here are some solid options:



Sports bottle smoothie marker

Remember all of those times you promised yourself that you were going to wake up bright and early to make a healthy shake before starting your day? But you never got to it because, well, it’s just too much work. Well here’s a smoothie maker that blends right into your sports bottle. Yep, it’s just that easy.



In the end, it’s important to note that during the gift-giving season, the gift itself is just secondary. It’s the thought that truly matters. Enjoy the winter and don’t fall into overlooking your workout and diet regimens!

A little gift for you from Dyerfitness

This year, we’d like to do some giving of our own. Mention this blog post at your next workout class at Dyerfitness and you get to bring a friend for free! Promotion ends January 1, 2016 so come on in with a friend and get your sweat on with the Dyerfitness team this holiday season!

Happy Holidays,

Arianne + Johny

For more gift ideas:



Training in the summer heat

Training in the Summer Heat

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve skipped out on bulking season and procrastinated going to the gym, this is for you. And if you Vancouverites couldn’t cram gym sessions into your busy schedule, you better keep reading this article.

Summer is here. You can feel it as the hot air hits your face when you leave the house. The time to bulk up, cut, and start a new diet has passed. You’re probably thinking, “I should’ve gone to the gym so I could get that beach body!” or “Why didn’t I start eating healthier?” We have made a no nonsense mini-guide on how to kick-start your summer workout. We’ve gathered key exercises and tips and mashed it up in a single post for you to train in the hottest season of the year. Here we go.


Squat and Jump – This squat variation is a simple and effective exercise to warmup and train the legs and glutes for explosive movement. Simply jump and finish in the lowered squat position. Repeat as desired.

Pushup – Get up and pushup. You’re increasing your functional strength and working all the important muscles in the body. Also, you’re improving your posture, preventing shoulder injury, and working on your cardio for the cost of nothing but your sheer will.

Plank – It’s mind-blowing to know how many muscles are engaged holding a plank position. It is one of the best exercises you can do for a flat, toned stomach because it is activating all the muscles in your core body. Start holding the plank for one minute, and if you’re game for a challenge, set the timer to three minutes and feel the burn.

Pull-up – Don’t be confused with the chin-up. If you want to develop your back and biceps to the max, this is the exercise to do. Don’t be an amateur by trying to do one big set and doing it to failure, do them in at least three sets. When you grab the bar, start by hanging all the way down. Once your chin is above the bar, finish strong and go all the way down. Don’t forget to focus on isolating your back.

Leg Press, Lunges – As a friend, I advise you not to skip your leg day. If you want to build those strong and sexy legs, we recommend a variation of squats such as the split squat and goblet squat so you target your butt and quads as well.

Split Your Sets – Why have just a chest day when you can incorporate biceps or back into your exercises? You can burn more calories doing split sets and minimize your rest time.

Dumbbell Bench Press – The staple chest exercise to build that bold chest for the beach. Use the dumbbells to activate more muscles and balance out the weaker side of your body.

Barbell Bicep Curl – Bring out your guns to the beach with the barbell curl. Many people do perform this exercise incorrectly at the gym. Make sure your elbows are the only joint that is moving in order to effectively isolate the biceps. When it comes to your range of motion, observe how the force pushing down the bar decreases as you curl the bar to your chest. If you want to make every rep count, stop the upward motion around 45 and 90 degrees as soon as you feel the force decreasing.

Triceps Dip – I know you want big biceps, but you must balance out your arms by working the triceps as well. Whether you are doing this exercise on the bench or machine, make sure your starting position is solid with your arms straight and nearly locked and you drop your elbows to 90 degrees before you push back up for another rep.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises – If you’re going sleeveless, tone all the areas of your shoulders with one set in front, 45 degree, and side.

5 Tips to Survive Training in the Heat

Dri-Fit Wear – Essential clothes to absorb sweat and stay cool during your workout.

Cold Showers – According to a German study, a pre-exercise cooldown can boost your training performance. You can begin your workout with increased blood flow and energy to get you into workout mode. If you’re feeling hot, sleepy and tired, your time in the gym may not be too effective.

Change up the training environment – You do not have to suffer in the summer. Switch up the cardio training by cycling in the wind, swimming, or running on the forest-covered trails and the beach.

Decrease Pace – We all know it is hard to push yourself in the hot weather. If you need to bring down your intensity or break up the exercise into intervals, then do so. You know your body better than anyone. 

HYDRATE – This is paramount and will reflect your performance training in the summer. Water will be the solution for stomach cramps, headaches and dizziness during training. Bring a water bottle with you when you’re running outdoors and take a few sips when you can.

You have read all our tips, now throw away all your regrets and start training. DyerFitness can help you in that area too. Check the class schedule!

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Why personal training

Why Personal Training? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This time, we’ve decided to put a spin on our blog posts and create a fun infographic on why a personal trainer can be so beneficial to achieving your personal health goals.

So read on!
Why personal training Why personal training Why personal training

Let the DyerFitness team get you started!

Call the studio at 778-227-3690 or email us at info@dyerfitness.ca to start your path to fitness success.

Unleashing true power with olympic weightlifting

Unleashing True Power with Olympic Weightlifting

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If you flip back to the history books, weightlifting goes way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It was a sport where people would be able to truly test their strength. In the Olympic Games, there are two types of exercises that athletes are judged on for weightlifting:

The Clean and Jerk: A movement that is broken down into two steps. The barbell is pulled in a single movement from the floor to the shoulders. The barbell rests above the chest as the feet move to the same line with legs straight before performing the jerk. In the jerk, the athlete bends the legs and extends them as well as the arms to bring the barbell above the head with arms fully extended.

The Snatch: The barbell is pulled up in a single movement from the floor to above the head with the arms fully extended.

There are six formidable benefits to Olympic weightlifting that you should know:

Improves your Cardio. Each set of Olympic-style lifts can push your cardiovascular system to the max. When performing a bicep curl, the length of the movement is only 2 feet, it’s isolated and only engages your bicep. Whereas, with a clean and jerk, the length of the movement is over 7 feet, and requires every muscle in your body to lift the barbell over your head. During the workout, your heart is pounding, your sweating bullets and breathing hard! Accomplish both improving cardio and building muscle.

It’s Safe. Compared to other forms of resistance training, Olympic lifting is one of the safest forms of resistance training. One false statement about Olympic lifting is the increased potential of a back injury. According to a study, a group of weightlifters and a group of normal people were assessed, and the group of weightlifters reported a smaller percentage of back pain compared to the group of normal people.

Increases your Power. This is one of the many reasons athletes choose to train with Olympic-style weightlifting. You benefit by having a higher vertical jump and faster sprinting, as the lifts imitate forms of jumping and sprinting in order to improve the power in those areas. Even though squats and deadlifts are commonly used in most strength and conditioning programs, the amount of power produced in Olympic lifting is significantly higher. As you continue to take Olympic weightlifting classes where you’re always lifting heavyweights in short bursts, your power endurance will also increase over time. It’s not always about the maximum power you can produce that determines your performance, but the ability to minimize your loss of power as you start to fatigue.

Improves your Body Composition. Who said they didn’t want to look look fit? Olympic lifts recruit almost every muscle in the body, so you are burning substantially more body fat and building muscle with the compound lifts. The full body exercises of Olympic lifting incorporating power and explosiveness increase the human growth hormone, which results in healthier, leaner, and younger bodies. Olympic lifting is a great way to build your strength without necessarily having to bulk up or gain a substantial amount of weight.

Prevents Osteoporosis. Olympic lifting has a positive effect on your bone mineral density (BMD), which measures your mineral density (ex. Calcium) in your bones. The greater the BMD, the lower chances you have of osteoporosis occurring. Calcium is always being added and removed from your bones and when it is removed faster than it’s added, your bones become weaker and the chances of bone fracture are higher. Due to the physically demanding movements of Olympic weightlifting, the BMD of weightlifters will be significantly higher than the average person. You can lift to develop strong bones!

Develops your Stability and Flexibility. The ability to lift a weighted barbell over your head engages your stabilizer muscles and promotes dynamic and static flexibility. As you are regularly lifting, you will learn to better absorb force as you catch the weight and increase your mobility as you squat down and rise.


In Olympic weightlifting, the accomplishment of clearing a weighted barbell over your head is an incredibly powerful feeling. It’s not all about heaving hundreds of pounds over your head off the bat, our progressive classes are open to anyone regardless of age or skill level. Anyone can do it! Our professional trainers focus on your safety and fundamentals first before we further your knowledge to more advanced movements. Pumped now? So try out an Olympic weightlifting class at DyerFitness and get lifting!

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Condition Work Out of the Week:

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DyerFitness Condition Work Out of the Week

DF workout of the week

1.) Dumb Bell Dead Lift
2.) Dumb Bell Front Squat
3.) Push Ups
4.) Dumb Bell Hammer into Back-Lunge (alternating legs each rep)
5.) Dumb Bell Chest Press into Full Sit Up

– Each exercise must be completed for 6 repetitions.
– Each exercise must be completed one after another with out any rest unless needed.
– You must complete As Many Sets As Possible (1 set = each exercise completed for 6 reps) in a time frame of 10mins.
– Do not choose a heavy set of dumb-bells, choose a set of dumb-bells that would average out to 60 of your 1 max rep for each exercise.
– Have fun and be safe, bring a friend along as well.

Blog Post: Functional Training

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Functional Training

What Is Functional Training?

A style of movements, which involves training the body for activities that are performed on a daily basis. Functional training has its foundation in rehabilitation. Functional training is an approach that most physical therapist often uses to help retrain a client who suffers from any type of movement disorders. For example, exercises/movements that mimic what clients do in their everyday life, by recruiting those movement patterns the body is able to retrain itself to regain the proper range of motion as well as improve and strengthen the movement pattern. Trainers and fitness coaches also use this method of training for muscle conditioning, building and strengthening.

Who is functional training for?

Essentially functional training is for anyone and everyone but there are different levels of Functional Training. Anyone from professional athletes to your stay at home mom should be able to participate in this style of training. Although that is true you must always be assessed before completing functional movement patters that are more advanced or consist of heavy weights. Start with the basics (body weight movements at a moderate rate), or see a training specialist that can complete a movement assessment (i.e Functional Movement Screen) and help you progress to the more advanced exercises/movements. Check out this video on Functional training by: Eric Wong from www.ericwongmma.com

Supplements with DyerFitness: Branch Amino Acids, For those why are trying to muscle up!

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Supplements with DyerFitness: Branch Amino Acids, For those why are trying to muscle up!

What are Branch Amino Acids (BCAA’s):

Branch Chain Amino Acids are the “building blocks” of your body. BCAA’s make up 35% of your muscle mass and must be present for molecular growth and development to take place. Eight are essential meaning the body cannot manufacture by the body, the rest are non-essential (can be manufactured by the body with proper nutrition).

Aren’t all proteins made up of “amino acids”?

Yes proteins are made up of amino acids; the difference between full amino acids and regular protein powders is that protein powders have fillers, sweeteners, dyes and extra carbohydrates. In order to build muscle more then 20 amino acids are needed as well as red blood cells, and hundreds of other molecules that sustain life.

How BCAA’s work:

During heavy or intense weight training the body is normally in a highly catabolic state.  At this time glycogen stores are being rapidly depleted and the liver in turn must synthesize glucose by a conversion of L-Alanine. Alanine makes up over half of the amino acid content released from muscle during exercise. The release of BCAA’s is generally recognized as the signal to the body to stop protein syntheses in the muscles, especially during times of stress. Providing your body with BCAA’s during times of stress may greatly affect this signal and allow protein synthesis to continue onward.

Although these supplements have been around for a long time and the scientific understanding in the exercise performance benefits of BCAA’s supplementation is rich, many people don’t know exactly how many they exert their effects or how vital BCAA supplementation is. If you are looking to put on more muscle or gain more energy naturally without any side effects you should consider taking BCAA’s.

Found in most supplementation or nutritional stores.

-DyerFitness Inc.

DyerFitness Nutrition Find: Nuts & Obesity

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DF Nutrition Find: Nuts and Obesity – The Weight of Evidence

Check out this DyerFitness nutrition fact find by Dr. Greger. Dr. Greger is a internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. DyerFitness recognizes Dr. Greger’s work and is sharing his work with you the audience at home. Check out this DyerFitness find, and be sure to check out more of Dr. Greger visit www.nutritionfacts.org

DyerFitness Find

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Waste Your Waist with Weights

by: Brett Klika, CSCS, Director of Athletics at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA

I cannot stress enough to weight loss clients, general fitness, and all other clients how important it is to incorporate weights into their fitness program! This video dummies it down for you to understand where we as trainers and fitness coaches are coming from when we say “incorporate weights into your fitness regimen” LET”S GO!!