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Training in the summer heat

Training in the Summer Heat

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve skipped out on bulking season and procrastinated going to the gym, this is for you. And if you Vancouverites couldn’t cram gym sessions into your busy schedule, you better keep reading this article.

Summer is here. You can feel it as the hot air hits your face when you leave the house. The time to bulk up, cut, and start a new diet has passed. You’re probably thinking, “I should’ve gone to the gym so I could get that beach body!” or “Why didn’t I start eating healthier?” We have made a no nonsense mini-guide on how to kick-start your summer workout. We’ve gathered key exercises and tips and mashed it up in a single post for you to train in the hottest season of the year. Here we go.


Squat and Jump – This squat variation is a simple and effective exercise to warmup and train the legs and glutes for explosive movement. Simply jump and finish in the lowered squat position. Repeat as desired.

Pushup – Get up and pushup. You’re increasing your functional strength and working all the important muscles in the body. Also, you’re improving your posture, preventing shoulder injury, and working on your cardio for the cost of nothing but your sheer will.

Plank – It’s mind-blowing to know how many muscles are engaged holding a plank position. It is one of the best exercises you can do for a flat, toned stomach because it is activating all the muscles in your core body. Start holding the plank for one minute, and if you’re game for a challenge, set the timer to three minutes and feel the burn.

Pull-up – Don’t be confused with the chin-up. If you want to develop your back and biceps to the max, this is the exercise to do. Don’t be an amateur by trying to do one big set and doing it to failure, do them in at least three sets. When you grab the bar, start by hanging all the way down. Once your chin is above the bar, finish strong and go all the way down. Don’t forget to focus on isolating your back.

Leg Press, Lunges – As a friend, I advise you not to skip your leg day. If you want to build those strong and sexy legs, we recommend a variation of squats such as the split squat and goblet squat so you target your butt and quads as well.

Split Your Sets – Why have just a chest day when you can incorporate biceps or back into your exercises? You can burn more calories doing split sets and minimize your rest time.

Dumbbell Bench Press – The staple chest exercise to build that bold chest for the beach. Use the dumbbells to activate more muscles and balance out the weaker side of your body.

Barbell Bicep Curl – Bring out your guns to the beach with the barbell curl. Many people do perform this exercise incorrectly at the gym. Make sure your elbows are the only joint that is moving in order to effectively isolate the biceps. When it comes to your range of motion, observe how the force pushing down the bar decreases as you curl the bar to your chest. If you want to make every rep count, stop the upward motion around 45 and 90 degrees as soon as you feel the force decreasing.

Triceps Dip – I know you want big biceps, but you must balance out your arms by working the triceps as well. Whether you are doing this exercise on the bench or machine, make sure your starting position is solid with your arms straight and nearly locked and you drop your elbows to 90 degrees before you push back up for another rep.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises – If you’re going sleeveless, tone all the areas of your shoulders with one set in front, 45 degree, and side.

5 Tips to Survive Training in the Heat

Dri-Fit Wear – Essential clothes to absorb sweat and stay cool during your workout.

Cold Showers – According to a German study, a pre-exercise cooldown can boost your training performance. You can begin your workout with increased blood flow and energy to get you into workout mode. If you’re feeling hot, sleepy and tired, your time in the gym may not be too effective.

Change up the training environment – You do not have to suffer in the summer. Switch up the cardio training by cycling in the wind, swimming, or running on the forest-covered trails and the beach.

Decrease Pace – We all know it is hard to push yourself in the hot weather. If you need to bring down your intensity or break up the exercise into intervals, then do so. You know your body better than anyone. 

HYDRATE – This is paramount and will reflect your performance training in the summer. Water will be the solution for stomach cramps, headaches and dizziness during training. Bring a water bottle with you when you’re running outdoors and take a few sips when you can.

You have read all our tips, now throw away all your regrets and start training. DyerFitness can help you in that area too. Check the class schedule!

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Why personal training

Why Personal Training? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This time, we’ve decided to put a spin on our blog posts and create a fun infographic on why a personal trainer can be so beneficial to achieving your personal health goals.

So read on!
Why personal training Why personal training Why personal training

Let the DyerFitness team get you started!

Call the studio at 778-227-3690 or email us at info@dyerfitness.ca to start your path to fitness success.

Dyerfitness Athletic Sponsorship Program

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Co-Coach Dyer and his football athletes at practiceCo-Coach Dyer and his football athletes at practice.

What is the Athletic Sponsorship Program?
The Dyerfitness Athletic Sponsorship Program was started in May 2014 and is a performance enhancement program geared towards the athletic youth of today and tomorrow. We offer a pro-rated price for kids who are in high school or young adults in University that are on a tight budget by providing them with high level training as well as the opportunity to receive scholarships.

Who is the Athletic Sponsorship Program for?
It’s for kids who stand out. They show up and put in the work. We provide them with the opportunity of getting a scholarship where we offer to pay for their equipment for a season or we’ll do a special on them on our website which is great exposure for scouts who want to know about their training regime.

Who are the partnered schools that are involved with this program?
We’re working with many Notre Dame students, have a couple athletes from SFU and we have one CFL player as well as other prospect players. Overall we have 70 kids in the program and run around 10 classes a week.

What inspired you to get this program started?
I played sports all my life and as a football player my mom found it difficult to pay for high level training to get trained as an athlete. This way, with the athletic sponsorship program everyone gets a chance. Scouts could be missing out on athletes that have the potential of being so great but just can’t afford to be seen.

Want to read more about the program? Take a read here.

– Johny

Unleashing true power with olympic weightlifting

Unleashing True Power with Olympic Weightlifting

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If you flip back to the history books, weightlifting goes way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It was a sport where people would be able to truly test their strength. In the Olympic Games, there are two types of exercises that athletes are judged on for weightlifting:

The Clean and Jerk: A movement that is broken down into two steps. The barbell is pulled in a single movement from the floor to the shoulders. The barbell rests above the chest as the feet move to the same line with legs straight before performing the jerk. In the jerk, the athlete bends the legs and extends them as well as the arms to bring the barbell above the head with arms fully extended.

The Snatch: The barbell is pulled up in a single movement from the floor to above the head with the arms fully extended.

There are six formidable benefits to Olympic weightlifting that you should know:

Improves your Cardio. Each set of Olympic-style lifts can push your cardiovascular system to the max. When performing a bicep curl, the length of the movement is only 2 feet, it’s isolated and only engages your bicep. Whereas, with a clean and jerk, the length of the movement is over 7 feet, and requires every muscle in your body to lift the barbell over your head. During the workout, your heart is pounding, your sweating bullets and breathing hard! Accomplish both improving cardio and building muscle.

It’s Safe. Compared to other forms of resistance training, Olympic lifting is one of the safest forms of resistance training. One false statement about Olympic lifting is the increased potential of a back injury. According to a study, a group of weightlifters and a group of normal people were assessed, and the group of weightlifters reported a smaller percentage of back pain compared to the group of normal people.

Increases your Power. This is one of the many reasons athletes choose to train with Olympic-style weightlifting. You benefit by having a higher vertical jump and faster sprinting, as the lifts imitate forms of jumping and sprinting in order to improve the power in those areas. Even though squats and deadlifts are commonly used in most strength and conditioning programs, the amount of power produced in Olympic lifting is significantly higher. As you continue to take Olympic weightlifting classes where you’re always lifting heavyweights in short bursts, your power endurance will also increase over time. It’s not always about the maximum power you can produce that determines your performance, but the ability to minimize your loss of power as you start to fatigue.

Improves your Body Composition. Who said they didn’t want to look look fit? Olympic lifts recruit almost every muscle in the body, so you are burning substantially more body fat and building muscle with the compound lifts. The full body exercises of Olympic lifting incorporating power and explosiveness increase the human growth hormone, which results in healthier, leaner, and younger bodies. Olympic lifting is a great way to build your strength without necessarily having to bulk up or gain a substantial amount of weight.

Prevents Osteoporosis. Olympic lifting has a positive effect on your bone mineral density (BMD), which measures your mineral density (ex. Calcium) in your bones. The greater the BMD, the lower chances you have of osteoporosis occurring. Calcium is always being added and removed from your bones and when it is removed faster than it’s added, your bones become weaker and the chances of bone fracture are higher. Due to the physically demanding movements of Olympic weightlifting, the BMD of weightlifters will be significantly higher than the average person. You can lift to develop strong bones!

Develops your Stability and Flexibility. The ability to lift a weighted barbell over your head engages your stabilizer muscles and promotes dynamic and static flexibility. As you are regularly lifting, you will learn to better absorb force as you catch the weight and increase your mobility as you squat down and rise.


In Olympic weightlifting, the accomplishment of clearing a weighted barbell over your head is an incredibly powerful feeling. It’s not all about heaving hundreds of pounds over your head off the bat, our progressive classes are open to anyone regardless of age or skill level. Anyone can do it! Our professional trainers focus on your safety and fundamentals first before we further your knowledge to more advanced movements. Pumped now? So try out an Olympic weightlifting class at DyerFitness and get lifting!

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Johny Dyer, Co-Founder

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Johny Dyer

What inspired you to start your own business?
The opportunity to be independent and inspire others with my own ideas and aspirations was what inspired me. Being an entrepreneur was always the plan.

What were you doing before you started your own business?
I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Steve Nash Fitness World.

What has been the most challenging part and the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?
The most challenging part is doing my best to keep everyone on the business side of life happy with the services, while maintaining a healthy and loving personal life. I teach people to love themselves so that they can succeed in and out of the gym. I try my best to practice what I preach while staying true to myself. The first year of being a startup was one of the toughest years of my life, I lost a best friend and was starting a company all at the same time… so the ability to have work life balance was a challenge. The most rewarding part is helping people make healthy lifestyle changes and to actually see them. 

What do you do on your spare time?
I enjoy hanging out with close friends, family and just having a good time. Two close friends of mine and I recently started a small fun music project producing a rap song for fun and its all just a really fun time. I also play on a Flag Football team for fun with a bunch of football friends in BC’s Top Flight Flag Football League. 

What is your specialty when it comes to personal training?
At the end of the day, my specialty is Olympic lifting. I love to see people excel when it comes to lifting. What I love most is coaching kids. We have a 10-year-old girl that trains here and she performs a lot of technical Olympic movements better then most members who are triple her age, it’s an inspiring thing to witness. I developed the Athletic sponsorship program at Notre Dame High school. It’s a program where we offer a pro-rated price to train. Growing up, my mom couldn’t afford to put me into training programs. My mother did her best but I wish we had a program just like this growing up. This program is an easy way for parents to send their kids to and keep them out of trouble while improving their lifestyle. It’s a really good way to instil a healthy life style into their kid’s lives.

What inspired you to get involved with Olympic lifting?
I was inspired by Olympic lifting when I was introduced to it by my power and speed coach back in college. I enjoyed moving that kind of weight around in that particular way. Its not something that anybody can just do; it takes skill, dedication, and discipline to do it just right. When I got into CrossFit I started to take Olympic lifting a bit more serious then I ever have. I found that incorporating those movements into my training regime helped me improve my speed, power and overall physique.

What are the benefits of Olympic lifting and what audience would you recommend this type of training to?
I would recommend Olympic Lifting to anyone and everyone. The benefits are significant overall greater body mobility, adaptability and longevity.

What was your role playing for Team Alberta in the 2006 U19 Canada Cup and what was the biggest takeaway during your time playing for them?
My role with Team Alberta was starting running back. The biggest takeaway would have to be growth. Always learning and understanding that even though youre playing at the top level you can always improve. Youre never at your best, theres always more room for you to grow.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you hope to accomplish in your career and personal life?
In 5 years I see myself starting a family whether that’s just myself or with a man that I happen to be with at the time. I will have a nutrition store opened in Edmonton, Alberta and working on final development on a Compression Line that I am creating. Also constantly working better to living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Lastly, if you weren’t in the health and fitness industry, what other career(s) would you be interested in pursuing?
I’d be the best gay rapper alive… in all honesty, if professional football didn’t work out, I would be in the film industry working on an acting career.

Glenn Gravengard, Personal Trainer

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Glenn Gravengard

How did you get involved with Dyerfitness?
I got involved with Dyerfitness through my connection with Johny through fitness world. We both worked at the same location. At the time, he knew I was looking to branch out and be self-employed, then when he opened his gym we met up and the rest is history!

Why did you decide on personal training as a career and what is your specialty?
I didn’t decide on personal training as a career as I knew where I was headed. I decided on personal training as a job, and then fell in love with the aspect of helping people reach their goals and really changing their outlook on what they truly believe they can accomplish, not just in the gym but in life… for we never get what we want in life, we only get what we believe.

There are two aspects to my training; the physical and the mental. With anything in life, whether it be business, relationships, sports, weight lifting… To be successful, I believe it requires 80% total laser focused mindset, and 20% mechanics.

Some individuals in life have completely lost their love, passion and drive for progression, and that is over years of experiences in which we react to these experiences through what I call path ‘B’. We fight against things, trying to force ourselves through, constantly pushing and pulling, withdrawing and reaching… the unnatural. What we really have to remember is the word acceptance. Fight for something you love, but accept something for what it may be is, if it is meant to be that way.

Tell me about your own business, G & G Properties.
To give you a brief overview, G&G properties is a business I started in Washington and brought over to Vancouver.  It is a real estate investment business where those with capital, if they choose to, can diversify and expand their investment portfolio into real estate.

Rather than trading time for dollars, my business is an avenue for investors to allocate their money into real estate, to make them more money. Yes there is risk, as it is an investment, but with the correct knowledge and application of knowledge, I reduce the risk and fear of loss.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I could get into a long WHY story for myself, but to keep it short, my family.

What is the most challenging and rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?
The most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur are also the most rewarding. What I mean by that is, the hardest things in life are always the best. I get excited when things get difficult because I know it will mean that much more to me once I reach my outcome.

Specifically to answer your question, the journey itself is the most challenging and the most rewarding. In a perfect world, there is a straight path towards our outcome(s). But we do not live in a perfect world. There will be ups and downs, obstacle after obstacle, but if your WHY is strong enough, quitting is not an option, and therefore our desire to reach our outcome can never be hindered. Our journey alone will help us grow and progress every single day, as long as we stay on that path.

Personal training and real estate are quite different industries, why did you decide of pursuing both?
Yes they are very different! Personal training was more of a job for me to start, and then I fell in love with helping people. I have always been interested in Real Estate, even when I was younger. I currently own three properties in the states and one here in Vancouver, soon to be two.

I recently started a new business in the beginning of January, called LifeVantage. It has been successfully growing and currently I am one of the top producers in the history of the company. Yes, it has been open for only 5-6 years, but soon, once it hits critical mass, it will continue into its hyper growth phase and drastically change lives for the better.

What is your advice for current and future entrepreneurs?
My advice to current and future entrepreneurs is this… In the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ there is a word “desire”, explained. Every single person who has been successful, whether it be the Wright brothers, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Henry Ford… They all had a strong desire to, no matter what happens, create a totally unhindered, undistracted, laser focused mindset to succeed, whatever our definition of success is.

My advice to anyone really is this… In anything you do, find your WHY. It can be absolutely anything, but find YOUR WHY. Because who knows what’s best for you? YOU DO! Once you find it, and it is strong enough to never even give you an option to quit OR a thought to quit, then you have found your WHY and your outcome will follow. Have a burning desire to be successful and have the FAITH in yourself to succeed. And along the path of success, help others.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you hope to accomplish in your career and personal life?
In 5 years (or less) I see myself on stage speaking in front thousands of people. My desire is to motivate, inspire and help others find their passion in life, no matter what it is. If we help others prosper, prosperity in turn will follow.

If we believe to get out of life what we desire, we must help others create a desire to get what they believe. I truly, truly believe that and I literally just came up with that now, I’m trademarking that quote!

If you could tell your younger self something what would it be?
I have never regretted anything in my life, because I believe nothing that happens to us is truly ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. It’s the way we choose to react to these situations, in which we create a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ being and energy. So I would never alter my path and tell my younger self to do something or to not do something. But I would tell myself this… Trust yourself, have faith and be confident.

Paul Marlow at dyerfitness in Burnaby BC

Paul Marlow, Personal Trainer

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How did you get involved with Dyerfitness?
I use to work with Johny at Steve Nash. I worked there for about two and a half years. Johny and I were both personal trainers at the time.

Why did you decide on personal training as a career and what is your specialty?
I decided on personal training because I had an athletic background. I knew I didn’t want to sit behind a desk. I enjoy teaching people and correlating things I’ve learned through sports with personal training. In terms of specialty, mine is weight loss. I’m more focused on correlating what happens in the gym and maintaining that consistency with client’s personal life outside of the gym.

What sets weight loss from other types of training?
Weight loss is more long term. I’m able to get to know my clients better by understanding what they’ve gone through, their body, habits, and working through the process with them the entire way.

You were drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in high school and moved to the United States at a pretty young age. What were some challenges that you had to overcome moving from home? What did you takeaway from that experience?
The major challenge for me was the inability to focus on what was truly important. I was mentally immature at that age. I was having trouble benefiting from school and focusing. I was more passionate about the sports aspect. Playing for them showed me the drive that America has as opposed to Canada when it comes to sports. They have more passion there about sports and it’s nice to be surrounded by that kind of drive.

 It wasn’t until I started playing basketball my last year there that I found my passion. It was my ability to be a two-sport player from Canada, playing in the United States that really inspired me during my time there.

Tell me about your own business, Tall Paul Fitness.
I started it one year ago and it was because I wanted to get out of a major gym like Steve Nash and do my own thing. My goal for Tall Paul Fitness is to spend more time building my brand in the near future.

What is the most challenging and rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?
The challenge is that it’s your first time doing things and learning the ropes. You’re finding out new things, seeing the stakes and seeing how to overcome them. The reward would have to be learning from mistakes. Achieving the gain and outcomes from the challenges is rewarding for me.

What are some challenges you are planning to come across competing in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion 2015?
A big challenge is believing in yourself and not worrying about what others are doing on social media and what not. Not allowing others to influence you and second-guessing what you’re doing because it will be harder to achieve your goals.

What are you most excited about for the competition and what do you hope to gain from it?
I’m excited to see the difference from when I first did the competition two and half years ago and compare it with what I’ve done this year and the changes I’ve put in place to grow. What I’m hoping to gain is to get my name out there so that others know that I’m out there doing something and there to help them.

What do you have in store for the next few years for Tall Paul Fitness?
I’m looking to start a clothing line and perhaps do the same as Johny and open up a gym in another area. Eventually I’d want to make it more of a business and less of personal training, and be my own boss at the end of the day.

If you could tell your younger self something what would it be?
To realize that it’s never too early to start anything, but it’s never too late either.

Lastly, if you weren’t in the health and fitness industry, what other career(s) would you be interested in pursuing?
Financial investment. It’s a different avenue to make money and it doesn’t correlate hours to the money you make.


3 simple but powerful kettlebell exercises

3 Simple but Powerful Kettlebell Exercises

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There are always new fitness fads trending every couple of months. The new and upcoming fad is training with kettlebells, which is the next new/ trendy thing in the health and fitness world.  Kettlebells are great for your cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance training – only if you know how to use them properly. Traditional weightlifting with heavy weights and high reps is always great; however, a specific kettlebell exercise with faster and more reps will activate more muscles opposed to only a few; hence, increasing your body’s fat-burning metabolism (Men’s Health 2015).

Here are some of our favorite kettlebell exercises:

1. The Kettlebell Swing

To do this perfectly, you need to stand up straight, feet a little bit wider than hip-distance apart. Grab the handle with both of your hands, with your palms face down and your arms in front of your body (choose a weight you are comfortable with). With a slight bend to your knee, let’s say about 120 degrees, drive your hips back, lowering your body a little, but don’t squat! Then in a quick motion, swing your hips forward while swinging the kettlebell at the same time. Make sure you are keeping your glutes and core engaged in this motion, and keep in mind that the motion should come from your hips, not arms. Afterwards, lower your weight down in between your legs and keep the swinging motion for about 12 to 15 reps.

I am a visual learner so, here is an excellent video that shows you how to properly do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0jalJ-3e7U

2.  Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Kettlebell Goblet SquatThis is my favorite kettlebell exercise. It targets your legs, glutes, back and core. It’s a squat with a kettlebell in your hands! You need to stand straight, legs hip distance apart, hold the kettlebell in front of your chest using both hands, while keeping the elbows close to your body. Start performing a traditional squat by driving your heels into the ground, then pushing your hips back until your thighs are parallel from the ground. Return to the standing position by pushing yourself up with your heels, and then squeezing your glutes while you’re in the standing position. Repeat 15-20 reps!

3. Kettlebell Russian Twist

Kettlebell Russian Twist

Now let’s focus on those abs and obliques! Sit down with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor and legs about a hip distance. Hold the kettlebell close to your chest, lean back to a 45 degree angle, now rotate your torso, left to right with the kettlebell. To challenge yourself more, lift your legs up in a 45 degree angle while you’re rotating your torso! Try to do 20 reps (10 each side)!

Okay, now you have some new routines to try to help achieve your fitness goals, good luck!

Arianne Liu at dyerfitness in Burnaby BC

Arianne Liu, Co-Founder

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What inspired you to start your own business?
When someone tells you you can’t do something, you want to say YEAH I DID IT or at least I tried if I fail. The opportunity presented itself sooner than I expected but I wanted to look back on my life and have no regrets. I believed in the brand, my business partner and myself.  I personally find its one of the greatest ways to excel your personal growth. So to answer your question. What inspired me was that someone believed in me that I could do it, even when I couldn’t see it for myself at the time. The ability to hold only myself accountable for all failures and of course celebrating all accomplishments. It requires a lot of strength for rejection (which we had tons of!!) and then that one yes that changes it all. It pushes you to learn to be persistent, to always have a optimistic attitude, and most of all believing in yourself.  To know that people believed in me, and it has taken me to here now. Its amazing what having support can do. Now we get to do that with our clients in their health journey, how inspiring is that? 

What has been the most challenging part of being a business owner and how have you addressed it?
The most challenging part of being a business owner is trusting someone else to do the work for you. To truly succeed, you must be able to coach and train someone else to do the job or else you will end up working in your business rather than on your business. I’ve addressed it by sub contracting a lot of the work now. It has allowed me to be more free to pursue other ventures while they focus on the mundane tasks. Its taken some time but slowly but surely. 

What is the most rewarding thing about being an entrepreneur?
The taste of success is sweeter cause you did it yourself. As well as proving not only to yourself but to the people who doubted you that you made it! 

What entrepreneur has inspired you the most and what makes them so special?
Arianna Huffington, she’s the Co-founder of and Editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post. She wrote a book that really inspired me called “Thrive”. It brings you through her journey of how she started something small online and grows it into something massive. It was inspiring to read that she succeeded even though she had challenges in her life just like anybody; she went through a divorce, was a single mother at a point, and she was not afraid to tell the world that she messed up. She’s someone that leads by example.

If you could tell your younger self something what would it be?
Nothing because I feel that everything that’s happened up to this point wouldn’t have led me to where I am today if I changed something. So, I wouldn’t.

What are some resources that have helped you grow as an entrepreneur?
People. They’re always so supportive, I could ask other business owners, mentors I’ve met over the years, and the list goes on. I was in the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and I was set up with a mentor, which turned out to be very useful. Being in school always pushed me to continuously grow and be better. Reading also helps me with self-development. Some of my favorites are “All In” by Arlene Dickinsons and “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandbergs.

What were you doing before you started your business?
I was working at Steve Nash and in school at Capilano University. I was also still working at Cineplex Entertainment.

What is your advice for current and future entrepreneurs?
To always plan ahead but still leave room for the unknown. I find that typically entrepreneurs don’t value time and when you value time, you’ll notice that it makes a bigger difference. Value your time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you hope to accomplish in your career and personal life?
I see myself having finished school and travelled. In terms of my career, I hope to get my masters in either the international business program at Capilano University or leadership at Royal Roads University. In terms of personal life, just to have travelled around the world.

Vancouver has quickly caught onto trends such as yoga, the juicing cleanse, etc. What do you predict will rise next in the health and fitness industry and what will DyerFitness do to stay current with trends?
Supplements, because when people finally understand that when you’re pushing your body to another level, it tends to put a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles, so you need to take supplements to aid it. For example, if I don’t take fish oils my joints will hurt, so I take extra Omega 3’s to aid my joints.

In terms of staying current, we aren’t really trenders. We focus on the importance of fundamentals. We keep doing what we’re good at doing, and that’s how we will adapt to the world. These trends tend to turn into fads, whereas fundamentals will always exist.

What are some challenges in balancing your own business, school, and your personal life?
The emotional endurance required for balancing everything. Time management is easy to do but if you don’t have the mental capacity it’ll be hard to deal with all the problems that may rise with the amount of importance that each issue needs. Emotional endurance will take you to the end.

Lastly, if you weren’t in the health and fitness industry, what other career(s) would you be interested in pursuing?
I’d be a professor teaching business or leadership. Or I would be working at a huge corporate company because I’d love to be apart of the huge footprint they leave on the world. They have a variety of mentorship opportunities because people want to see you succeed. Don’t get me wrong, having my own business is great, but it’s harder to leave a strong footprint on the world and finding a mentor with the same values.

Swing Yourself into kettlebell training

Do You Even Kettlebell?

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Still too scared to step into a gym class? We have found the solution. Kettlebell training is one of the easiest, most practical forms of exercise out there. Anyone from a beginner level lifter to an elite athlete can reap the benefits.

If you think kettlebell training is just the new cool of weight training, you are absolutely wrong! Let us enlighten you with random historical fitness facts: Kettlebell training is a throwback to the origins of strength training. Imagine it is the year 1700 in Mother Russia, where farmers would use the kettlebells to weigh their crops and show off their strength in festivals, obviously to impress all the Russian ladies. The Soviet Army found it so effective, they ended up incorporating it into their physical training. Talk about lifting old school, Russian style.

Why do you think our team at DyerFitness wants you to try kettlebell training?

Here are five killer benefits to this dynamic form of exercise:

  1. It’s a total body workout – Lifting with kettlebells is all-in-one training. Think about cramming cardio, strength and flexibility into an intense one-hour session. Kettlebell training consists of compound movements, which engage multiple groups of muscles at once, compared to isolated dumbbell and barbell movements. We can say that this type of training will be the biggest bang for your buck.
  1. Easy to learn and adapt – No matter what age or fitness experience you have, kettlebell training is user-friendly to any crowd. Most of the movements are straightforward and easy to pick up, so you would be building muscle and breaking a sweat in no time!
  1. Great cardio – Just a few basic movements with the kettlebells can raise your heart rate. Training with kettlebells can push your heart rate up to 85% of your maximum, which is also a good benefit for burning calories. Kettlebell training can be a good alternative to running if you wanted to switch it up.
  1. Strengthen joints, reduce injury – While you’re having a blast lifting those kettlebells, the movements strengthen your connective tissues (cartilage, ligaments, tendons) and increase your mobility, thus reducing the chances of injury.
  1. Fun! – Working with kettlebells will never be repetitive and boring as your usual routine at the gym. There is a diverse amount of movements that will activate certain groups of muscles you thought never even existed. And face it, if you were bored at the gym, you’d end up standing around talking with your friends and not get anything done.

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