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Everyone is familiar with the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” you may have heard this saying from your mother growing up. We can look at breakfast as the meal that will either make or break your day from a nutritional standpoint. Having a healthy and well-balanced breakfast each morning will impact how you perform physically and mentally. Breakfast immediately increases your body’s energy and restores your body’s glucose level to normal from an overnight of fasting. A well-designed breakfast, especially for those who are training will include an adequate amount of carbohydrates to help fuel muscles and the nervous system, as well as other essential nutrients to impact the body’s glucose levels.

We all know about the facts as to why we should eat breakfast: metabolism and energy rates increase decrease in bad cholesterol levels as well as health problems such as Diabetes, and it will elevate your mood throughout your day. Then why do we not prioritize and include breakfast in our regular schedule? The main reason that comes to mind is that we all live a busy and fast paced life, which is why a large amount of people do not have time to intake a healthy well-balanced breakfast. Fast-foods and instant messaging are what we rely and focus on, on a daily basis causing a large toll in our health. We use excuses like, “I have no time in the mornings” or “I am not hungry,” referring to why we did not eat breakfast. We’re all guilty of using these excuses here and there, but if you’re really committed to your health and changing your diet in 2015 try some of these pointers on how to have a healthy breakfast daily with your busy schedule.

Instead of having just plain boring cereal with milk that can be repetitive, you can find fun and fast ways to have breakfast every morning!

Have breakfast in a blender!

The smoothie craze is not going anytime soon and why should it? It is a fast and easy method to get a healthy amount of fruit, veggies and protein in your system to start the day. A smoothie takes approximately five to eight minutes to make and as you are blending it you can attempt to multi-task. It is also something you can take on the go and drink it while you’re driving or while you’re getting ready to leave the house. We have a simple and quick receipt for you: A banana, handful of berries (frozen ones are the best!), one or two scoops of protein with almond milk or rice milk, if you want you can also add flax seeds and honey if you have a sweet tooth!

Mason Jar your oatmeal’s

Instead of cooking your oatmeal in the morning you can cut down some time by preparing it the night before. Place oatmeal (it can be rolled or steel), milk, cinnamon, chia seeds and any fruit of your preference in a Mason Jar and allow it to sit overnight in the fridge. This will allow the oats to absorb the milk causing it to puff out and soften up. In the morning, you can put the oatmeal in the microwave and eat it hot. This is a great source of fiber and other nutrients to kick start your day.

Prepare your meals ahead of time                        

If you know you have a busy week ahead of you, schedule a day where you can solely focus on cooking. Many fitness gurus and athletes dedicate one day a week to prep their entire meal, you can do this as well, but you can also start with only preparing your breakfast. Make enough pancakes or waffles then seal them tightly with a plastic wrap and place them in the freezer. Once you wake up in the morning remember to remove it from the freezer to let it set while you do your morning routine. Place the item in the microwave or the toaster for a few minutes then enjoy it with fruits or yogurt for a quick easy breakfast.

Remember, it’s the little things you do daily that will add up to a healthier life. Little components such as walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator and using these helpful tips will help you kick start your way to a healthier and happier year!

positive habits creating new behaviors

Habits to Leave in 2014

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Now that 2015 has arrived, let’s start talking about some new years resolutions. Now I’m not talking about that long list of unrealistic dreams you made for yourself back in 2012, 2013, and 2014, I’m talking about the list of things that could easily be improved by just a small habit change. We all are guilty of many things, whether it’s sleeping in until noon, skipping our weekly workout sessions we promised ourselves, or wasting countless hours on social media. Here are 5 habits to say goodbye to and to leave in 2014 because it will just make our lives that much better.

  1. Sleeping In – Okay, so whether you’re a student or working part-time/full-time all you need is a solid 7-8 hours of sleep, so there’s really no need to sleep in all the time. Think about all the things you could accomplish if you woke up at 7am or earlier. You could go jogging, grab a coffee with an old friend, read the newspaper, or better yet, have breakfast. By sleeping in, you are replacing the opportunity to do many, many things in the span of a few hours that you would have wasted sleeping in. You’ll feel super refreshed and accomplished (after a few times of getting into the habit of waking up early of course). Give it a try!
  2. Skipping Breakfast – Many of us have a habit of skipping breakfast and the usual excuses I hear of is either “I don’t have time!” or “I don’t have food”. Two simple solutions for you: make time and buy food! We all have the habit of making the excuse of “not having enough time” but if we had made time for it in the beginning then we would’ve had enough time (sounds pretty simple eh? It is). Set your alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier than your usual time and make yourself a nice healthy breakfast. We all hear this over and over again, but it never seems to stick, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and it’s true. If you want a smooth, hungry-free, and cranky-free (I think the term is “hangry”) start to your day than start getting in the habit of eating breakfast. If it helps, prep. Have something ready in your fridge the night before so it’s easier and quicker for you to put everything together the next morning. All you need to do is start and this will become a new, easy habit in no time!
  3. Not Drinking Enough Water – Yes, yes, back to the “I don’t have enough time!” excuse, but how does one not have enough time to drink enough water? I mean, it can’t be that you don’t have enough water because that’s the glory of living in beautiful British Columbia, is that water is free and clean! We are extremely lucky to be living in a country that has clean spring water so we might as well take advantage of it. Did you know that water accounts for 60% of your body? So it’s pretty evident that drinking water benefits your total body health. Drinking water helps many factors; it keeps your memory sharp, stabilizes your mood and keeps your motivation intact! This is probably the easiest habit to get use to. An easy way to tell if you’re drinking enough water is what I call the urine color test, if your urine color is light yellow than you are drinking enough water. What helps me is keeping a water bottle in my bag at all times and making sure I drink all of it and refill every few hours and repeat.
  4. Skipping Your Weekly Workouts – We are all guilty of skipping our weekly workouts here and there because again, we’re too busy. It’s very important to squeeze in some sort of physical activity a couple times a week. It’s like eating breakfast and drinking water, it’s a must. Try getting in the habit of set workout days for example every Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. If you’re not too sure how many days you should workout or what kind of workouts you should do, you could always drop by the office and we can put together a workout plan the suits you! All you need to do is get started and we’re here to help you.
  5. Put Your Phone Away – Do you find that most of the time off you have is spent on surfing the net? Whether it’s during a lunch break, after work, or before bed, that you’re usually always on your cellphone or computer on social media. Let’s put behind all the time you’ve wasted on social media back in 2014 and start putting that time in other important things. Or in other words, just put your phone away. Pick up a book and read, put on your favorite pair of runners and go for a jog, or turn everything off and meditate. Spend some real quality time with your loved ones, not on your cellphone. We all are guilty of spending way too much time on social media and that valuable time could be spent investing into yourself or into building relationships. One way to get started is to put your phone away during your lunch break and go for a walk or read a book instead. Get creative with your time!

There you have it, the top 5 habits to leave in 2014. You can do it.

Most Important Factor in DyerFitness Health Pyramid

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Many of you could probably relate to the fact that it is quite difficult to make more time for all the things we want to do in our life.  Do you want to know the best way to add value to it? By getting the right amount of sleep required for your body to function at its optimal level.
Sleep is the most important factor to maximizing all your results that you put into the gym and the nutrition you put into your body. Sleep is the one of the key factors in muscle growth, reducing injury in the gym, and reducing stress. At DyerFitness, sleep is the foundation to our health pyramid.


Did you know that the human body produces the most growth hormone during your sleep? It is also when the muscle repairs itself after strenuous activity. If we do not allow time for our muscles to heal, you are at higher  risk for injury and will cause more damage than good. Muscle growth also plays a huge factor in fat loss.


Studies have proven that you are more likely to make poor decisions, have a weaker immune system, and increase your level of stress when the body is lacking sleep. When the body is not fully recover, it puts stress on the mind and body. Stress produces cortisol which is a fat burning blocker, so even if you worked out a lot and ate well, the body may not benefit if it is in stress mode. When the body is fully rested, you will reap more benefits in your workouts because the more energy you have, the stronger your workout will be. The more alert you are, the more likely you will have better form in your exercises. Sleep is also a great way to decrease stress.


Lastly, sleep helps wind down the mind and allows the brain to relax.  It is important to feed your emotional and mental well being as the mind can take you anywhere you want your body to go. So in order to strengthen your mind and soul, you’ll need to get plenty of rest.


Infants – 16 hours

Toddlers – 9-10 hours

Children/Teenagers – 9 hours

Adults 7-8 hours

 *Other factors may affect this number

Sleep is the number one priority in our day-to-day life. No matter how busy you are, it is important in order to maximize physical growth, make good decisions, and resting your mental well being.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message us at the studio.


Most Important Factor in DyerFitness Health Pyramid

9AM Circuit Crusher

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9AM Circuit Crusher: Saturday Feb. 8th 2014

Big shout out to all of those who were in attendance at this mornings 9am Circuit Crusher class. We had a great turn out, and everyone worked extremely hard. The team at DyerFitness would like to send out a big thank you and congrats to all those who completed todays circuit strong. Here is a look at this mornings class breakdown of movements.

Circuit Round 1

– 30 Seconds at each station.

  • Close Grip Plated Chest Press
  • Dumb-Bell Burpee’s
  • Bent Over Bar-Bell Rows
  • Battle Rope Doubles
  • Med-Ball Squat to Press (Thrusters)
  • Kettle-Bell Dead Lifts
  • Row Machine keeping S/M (Strokes per minute) above 39S/M
  • Olympic Ring Straight Leg Raise
  • Full Sit Ups


Conditioning Round 1

– 4 Reps, 4 Mins, A.M.R.A.P (as many rounds as possible)

  • Air Squats
  • Burpee’s
  • Shoulder Walk Outs
  • Push Ups

Conditioning Round 2

–  5 Reps, 5 Mins, A.M.R.A.P (as many rounds as possible)

  • Front Lunge or Jumping Plyo Lunges
  • Full Sit Ups
  • Single Leg Cross Overs


Complete Circuit Round 1 at 30 seconds per stations, take a 2 min break, then move into Conditioning Round 1. Complete each of the Conditioning Round 1 exercises for 4 reps for each movement then move down the list, once you have completed each exercise start back at the top of the conditioning round 1 exercise list, continue this process until 4 mins is up, take a 3min break then move on to Circuit Round 1 exercises again for 30 seconds on each movement. Once you have completed Circuit Round 1 for a second time,  proceed to Complete each of the Conditioning Round 2 exercises for 5 reps for each movement then move down the list, once you have completed each exercise start back at the top of the Conditioning Round 2 exercise list, continue this process until 5 mins is up, take a break and stretch it out.



DyerFitness Find.

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DyerFitness find of the month!!

Check out this health choice blog by Health Counselor Nicole Culver. Go to her recipe sections where she shares several healthy food options from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks to deserts.

Dyerfitness Find



Operation Relocation

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Operation Relocation is in full effect. DyerFitness Inc is moving towards making your health and fitness experience much more fulfilling. In the New Year DyerFitness Inc. will have its first very own location where we will host all classes and personal training as well as health seminars and much more. Also look out for our class schedule coming to you soon, as well as a pre-sale date!!

New address for the fall 2014:

3972 Hastings Street

Burnaby, BC V5C 6c1

DyerFitness Find: 23½ Hour – The single best thing we can do for our health

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DyerFitness Find: 23½ Hours

Dr. Mike Evans

DyerFitness is constantly looking for ways to keep you, our audience educated. This DyerFitness find is by a well-accredited doctor by the name of Mike Evans. Check out this video of Dr. Evans giving you his answer to one of the worlds most asked health question “What is the single best thing we can do for our health?”, also please share your thoughts.

Condition Work Out of the Week:

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DyerFitness Condition Work Out of the Week

DF workout of the week

1.) Dumb Bell Dead Lift
2.) Dumb Bell Front Squat
3.) Push Ups
4.) Dumb Bell Hammer into Back-Lunge (alternating legs each rep)
5.) Dumb Bell Chest Press into Full Sit Up

– Each exercise must be completed for 6 repetitions.
– Each exercise must be completed one after another with out any rest unless needed.
– You must complete As Many Sets As Possible (1 set = each exercise completed for 6 reps) in a time frame of 10mins.
– Do not choose a heavy set of dumb-bells, choose a set of dumb-bells that would average out to 60 of your 1 max rep for each exercise.
– Have fun and be safe, bring a friend along as well.