The Motive

DyerFitness Athletic Sponsorship Program (ASP) is a program designed by us for the continuous evolution of athletic training. Our focus is a partnered approach with teams and coaches to maximize athletic potential and minimize player down time. We believe in a comprehensive approach that builds durability alongside the performance parameters of a given sport, whether it be a combination of speed, power, strength, and agility. By putting all athletes through a consistent screening, re-testing and management process we help teams recognize limitations, imbalances, dysfunctions in movement, nutrition, and mental training that prevent optimal performance.

Performance training for the human body is at an amazing peak in history. While there continues to be advances in science to develop mastery at sport, we are seeing increasing levels in injuries, and shortened careers due to them. Most athletes focus on becoming the strongest, fastest, biggest and most powerful. Neglecting recovery, corrective exercise, and a strategic approach to nutrition and training is a disservice to the future of athletes. Now take all those key components of performance and make sure they are sustainable and controllable with little to no compensation. What we at DyerFitness ASP like to call: the efficient athlete.


Personalized Strength & Conditioning
Functional Movement & BMI Testing


1 Hour Sessions
Progression Folders
Speed, Agility & Plyometric Training: 1-2x/week
Sponsorship Rates

Our training system for athletes takes into great consideration the risk vs. reward of various training modalities. By focusing on the tools and exercises that carry over best to your sport, we save plenty of time for sport-specific skill development. At DyerFitness, we don’t just design programs with for no reason! We have learned that “flashy” doesn’doesn’t necessarily mean functionality.

You’d be surprised with how few tools we need to unlock performance. The power comes in the passion knowing that each day leads to a small victory that empowers athletes to gain a respectable edge in competition and longevity throughout their career.

The Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a neuromuscular based screening process that several high profile sports teams and military forces use. The FMS screen and it’s related systems will better serve your athletes on a personalized basis, so that we can have them performing to the best of their abilities.
The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) takes athletes through a series of 7 functional movements that are completed in the most revealing positions to tell us where an athlete is vulnerable due to limitation and asymmetry. Asymmetries tell us that there is an increased risk for injury. By balancing out regaining the athlete’s movement pattern, we often reconnect vital components of the kinetic chain for a durable force. With our team of specialists your athletes will receive the corrective exercises that address the weakest links. These correctives can be easily implemented into any training program. However, a review of current training programs is recommended as some exercises may hinder and slow the restoring of physical function.
For some athletes, body composition may take precedence. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is another screening process we use to help athletes reach goals with regards to overall weight, lean tissue, and fat-free mass. Combined with nutritional guidance we have a feedback-based approach to manage body composition and energy system delivery for performance in sport.

The Breakdown

All athletes will be trained in a group setting. We will host 2 full training sessions each week.

Day 1
The program will include functional strength training, sport and position specific.

Day 2
The program will follow at least one day after “Day 1 Training Session”, this session will consist of speed, agility and plyometric training.

There will be 1 check-in day every 3 weeks where our team will be in communication with coaches and players to follow up with goals, progressions and where we need to improve with each athlete. DyerFitness ASP is also teamed up with a holistic nutritionist that will help guide your athletes in the right direction.


Check-Ins will implement to follow up with each athletes progression throughout the season. These Check-Ins will be hosted every 3 weeks.

This tool will provide a report to the head coaches as well as position coaches of how well there athletics are doing. We believe communication is key to ensure the athletes progression and goals are being met.

Each check-in will be personalized to each athlete’s body and athletic position. How will we determine this?

The FMS screening will break down each athlete’s strength and weakness, then our team of specialist will attack those weaknesses by giving each athlete the tools to overcome those weaknesses and have them performing at their optimal athletic potential. We will also be placing the athletes through a series of tests to follow up with their progression, as well as following up with their FMS screening and BMI (Body Mass Index) progression.


Nutrition plays a huge role in all athletes lives. DyerFitness have a team of experts to help each athlete with their diet to make sure they are on the right track for success. We have teamed up with holistic nutritionists to better your team in all it’s success.

DyerFitness ASP is about giving back to the athlete’s. We want to offer all athletes top-notch training for a reduced rate. For more details on rates and general inquires please contact Johny at