Types of Training

Contact UsAt DyerFitness we believe in using proper technique at all times . All new clients are required to do a pre-screening fitness assessment before entering into our group fitness or personal training environment. We then provide a recommendation based on your level of fitness what is best suited for you. Many people who are involved in fitness are not able to complete most exercises or movements correctly simply due to lack of knowledge. The Movements Consultation takes you through the general basics of fitness, where to start with your goals, how to approach those goals and most importantly completing the right exercises properly. All our clients who do personal training or the group fitness progressive classes with us are provided this service whether you are first time amateur or an individual looking to advance your skills.

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Our one-on-one training is one of Burnaby’s finest. This experience will take you to the next level of reaching your fitness goals. Some of the One-On-One perks are :

  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Tracking
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Weekly Measurements
  • Movement Screen Progression (Corrective Movements)
  • Program Progression (Correct Free Weight Training, Program Tracking)
  • Diet Review

With the tools provided in one-on-one training, all clients will be set up for success. At DyerFitness we will set realistic goals that are attainable, introduce you to our goal tracker, complete weigh-ins and measurements once a week, movement screen progression, and a more in depth approach to your program progression.

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Group Fitness Classes is a fun yet motivational approach to training. When you’re in an environment where not only is there someone to push you, but double the motivation. Having a friend or family member to train with can be that extra push you need to get back into the swing of fitness.

Group Fitness Classes is affordable and is the new approach for many, its the perfect place to keep you motivated. This service provides the support you need to reach your goals, together!

*Must complete movement consultation with us before dropping in.

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Relaxation, a sense of inner peace, contentment, and physical fitness. All of these and many more are the wonderful benefits of yoga. The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual mind, body, and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve flexibility and reduce stress. Yoga is essential to improving overall health. We offer Flow and Hatha yoga.

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